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Introducing Nymbl. A powerful and flexible content delivery platform for all.

Lower the perceived time spent in your waiting areas.

Show content that entertains and informs your customers.

Programming updates monthly at night so you don't have to deal with streaming content.

Schedule start and stop dates for specific content.

Connect to the internet through a wired connection or go wireless.

Access your account from any where at any time.

Industry solutions

Nymbl works across industries, including automotive, medical/dental, appliance and electronics, furniture, home and garden, pharmacy, and more.

Built for everyone

Manufacturers, corporate headquarters, franchises, and small businesses all benefit from Nymbl's content management and delivery system.

Nymbl allows you to be in control of your message at all times, no matter where you are.

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Nymbl is a powerful and flexible content delivery solution for corporations, retailers, service providers, manufacturers, and everyone in between. Nymbl allows you to deliver information and content to customers and prospects at the most immediate point of influence.